Schiphol Business Taxi

Schiphol (E-)Business Taxi General Terms and Conditions

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Schiphol Business Taxi benefits

  • Comfortable, fast and efficient.
  • Straight from your (office) location to directly in front of the airport’s departure hall.
  • Schiphol Business Taxi exclusively halts and parks at the Schiphol terminal building.
  • Enabling you to leave Schiphol without having to go outside.
  • Free coffee or tea when travelling from Schiphol.
  • 24/7 reservation possibilities, up to 4 hours before you leave.
  • We cover the whole of the Netherlands (Frisian islands excepted)
  • Luxurious (party of up to 8 people) mini vans with privacy glass available and free WiFI.
  • Possibility of a 100% electric E-taxi to and from Schiphol.
  • Easy and safe payment via IDeal or credit card.

Schiphol Business Taxi

Very easy certainly so

Every Schiphol Business Taxi vehicle, as well as the 100% electric ‘green’ alternative, is a comfortable and luxurious vehicle with a professional and experienced driver. We pick you up at every location desired and bring you all the way to Schiphol airport’s departure hall, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.