Schiphol Business Taxi

Schiphol (E-)Business Taxi General Terms and Conditions

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1. Flight information
Please compare your flight information with the information on
your Schiphol Travel Taxi confirmation. If any details conflict, it is
very important that you call 0900 8876* from inside the Netherlands
or +31 38 3394768 from abroad at least 4 hours before check-in time
or arrival time.

2. Use of Schiphol E-Business Taxi
Schiphol E-Business Taxi reserves the right to change depending on
distance, amount of luggage and availability using a regular
Schiphol Business Taxi.

3. Pick-up time to airport
On the evening before departure we will Telephone you before 8 p.m.
to tell you the pick-up time. If we cannot reach you, please call
0900-8876* after 8 p.m.

4. Luggage
The fare includes one piece of hold luggage and one piece of hand
luggage per fare-paying passenger. You can take extra luggage if we
are told beforehand. An extra seat will then be charged (maximum of
two pieces of extra luggage per seat). Your luggage is limited at
Schiphol E-Business Taxi; one piece of hold lugagge and one piece of
hand luggage is includes (max. 2 passangers). Extra luggage is not
possible. Schiphol Business Taxi is not liable for loss of or damage to
your luggage. To bring a collapsible stroller is free, as well it should be
told beforehand.

5. Additional services
a. Help with check-in. You will be picked up from your driver
and escorted to the check-in desk.
b. Guidance to the gate. You will be picked up from your driver
and escorted to the check-in and to the gate.
c. Guidance from the gate. You will be picked up from de gate
and you will be escorted to the baggage reclaim area and then
to your driver.
e. De additional services can be booked up to 24 hours before

6. Delays en route
Schiphol Business Taxi can never be held liable for delays that result in
your missing your flight. However, you can be sure that we will do our
utmost to prevent this.

7. Journey from airport
a. If your incoming flight is delayed, you don’t need to tell us as
Schiphol Travel Taxi already takes this into account.
b. After you land please report to the entrance of the excellence
parking within an hour. Your driver will meet you there.
c. If you are traveling with hand lugage only, please let us know
d. If you arrive at an airport other than Schiphol, paragraphs 6a to 6c
apply in combination with the meeting point indicated at
the time of booking.

8. Child Seats
a. For a small fee Schiphol Travel Taxi can provide a child seat or
booster for the transportation of children aged from approximately
9 months to three years (9–18 kg) and 3 to11 years (15-26 kg).
Please note that you are responsible for providing the correct age
and weight of the child.
b. Schiphol Travel Taxi does not provide baby seats. Please bring one
c. When booking a Schiphol Travel Taxi return trip you can store your
own baby seat during your absence for a small fee.
d. Schiphol Travel Taxi cannot be held liable for the provision of
incorrect details relating to the selection of the right safety device
or for loss of or damage to your property when in storage.

9. Change of flight number and/or date of return trip
Please tell us of changes to flight numbers and/or dates at least 4 hours
before arrival of the original flight or, if you will arrive earlier, no later
than 4 hours before that earlier arrival time. If you fail to comply with
this, we cannot guarantee departure from Schiphol within the times
referred to in article 7b. However, you can always travel with the next
available taxi going in your direction. To report changes of flights
and/or dates of flightsfrom abroad please call +31 38 3394768.

10. Payment
The transportation must be paid by booking or when booked by
phone in cash to the driver. In case of cash payment for a return
booking, the whole amount must to be paid during the first journey.
If we have not received your payment by the time we tell you the
pick-up time (article 3), you must pay the driver in cash. Any double
payments will be refunded as soon as possible.

11. Cancellation
If you cancel at least 4 hours prior to departure, the total cost of the
trip will be refunded after deduction of 5% for administrative costs.
If you cancel within 4 hours before departure, the fare will not be
refunded. Cancellations of booked return rides within 4 hours of
beginning the first journey are not permitted.

12. Terms and conditions of transportation
To the extent that these General Terms and Conditions do not stipulate
otherwise, the General Terms and Conditions of Carrand Payment for
the transportation of passengers in passenger carsfiled at the Office of
the District Court in The Hague on 20 March 2003, document number
31/2003 of Koninklijk Nederlands Vervoer, apply. We will send you
these General Terms and Conditions on request.
 * 0900-8876 € 0,10 p.m.

Schiphol Business Taxi benefits

  • Comfortable, fast and efficient.
  • Straight from your (office) location to directly in front of the airport’s departure hall.
  • Schiphol Business Taxi exclusively halts and parks at the Schiphol terminal building.
  • Enabling you to leave Schiphol without having to go outside.
  • Free coffee or tea when travelling from Schiphol.
  • 24/7 reservation possibilities, up to 4 hours before you leave.
  • We cover the whole of the Netherlands (Frisian islands excepted)
  • Luxurious (party of up to 8 people) mini vans with privacy glass available and free WiFI.
  • Possibility of a 100% electric E-taxi to and from Schiphol.
  • Easy and safe payment via IDeal or credit card.

Schiphol Business Taxi

Very easy certainly so

Every Schiphol Business Taxi vehicle, as well as the 100% electric ‘green’ alternative, is a comfortable and luxurious vehicle with a professional and experienced driver. We pick you up at every location desired and bring you all the way to Schiphol airport’s departure hall, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.