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Schiphol Business Taxi has favourable cancellation conditions as described in the Terms and Conditions of Schiphol Business Taxi. Although the financial consequences of cancelling for the client are limited to a minimum the amount due can be substantial, especially when a booking is cancelled within 48 hours before departure. The costs of cancellations up to 48 hours before departure are 10% administrative expenses. No refunds are given for cancellations within 48 hours before departure. The whole amount is due also when one trip of a return booking is made and the other has to be cancelled due to circumstances.

Schiphol Business Taxi offers the service to exclude the financial consequences of an often unpleasant cancellation. The costs per booking for this service are 2 euro for a single journey and € 3,50 for a return booking.

The traveller can claim a refund if due to any of the following reasons the trip with Schiphol Business Taxi can not be made:

  1. Medical reasons:
    1.1. Serious illness or death of traveller or relatives in the 1st or 2nd degree.
    1.2. Pregnancy of traveller or partner.
    1.3. Cancellation on doctor’s advice for traveller, partner of accompanying relative.
  2. Burglary into the family home or loss of travelling documents on the day of travelling.
  3. Cancellation or alteration of the flight or (group) travel by the travel agency with the result that traveller has to cancel the booking and cannot use Schiphol Business Taxi as a result.
  4. Traveller cannot obtain the necessary visa for the destination, outside his or her responsibility.
  5. Unemployment due to involuntary resignation of traveller or partner in the period between booking and travelling.
  6. The urgent need of presence of traveller at home or in the company due to damage to (personal) property.

Refunds as described in article A are defined as follows:

  1. 100 % refund is given for a cancellation made at least 48 hours before travelling; no administrative costs are due unless it is a partial cancellation.
  2. Cancellations made within 48 hours before departure as a result of one of the reasons mentioned in article A are refunded 100 % unless it is a partial cancellation.
  3. Traveller can claim a partial cancellation: traveller has made one journey of a return booking and cannot make the other for one of the reasons mentioned in article A. Only a single journey will be charged.

Additional regulations:

  1. By ‘traveller‘ the person is meant in whose name the booking is made.
  2. This service can only be booked at the same time and together with a Schiphol Business Taxi booking. The Terms and Conditions of Schiphol Business Taxi apply to all services of Schiphol Business Taxi.
  3. Articles A and B are additional to article 10 of the Terms and Conditions of Schiphol Business Taxi.
  4. Claims for refunds need to be accompanied by copies of proof.
  5. Schiphol Business Taxi might request additional proof if necessary.
  6. Even after booking the cancellation service traveller has the responsibility to inform Schiphol Business Taxi about a change in return date or a change in return flight. See the Terms and Conditions of Schiphol Business Taxi.
  7. If traveller is not able to make use of Schiphol Business Taxi for the journey from the airport Schiphol Business Taxi has to be informed about this as soon as possible but at least four hours prior to departure of transportation.
  8. With regard to points 6 + 7 force majeure situations are exempted.
  9. If traveller is not able to use Schiphol Business Taxi due to any other reason than mentioned in article A, it is up to Schiphol Business Taxi if refunds are provided.
  10. The amount to be refunded will never be higher than the amount due (price for journey) for the Schiphol Travel Taxi booking.
  11. Refunds can be claimed at: Schiphol Business Taxi, Cancellation Service, PO Box 357, 8260 AJ Kampen, the Netherlands or by e-mail:

Schiphol Business Taxi benefits

  • Comfortable, fast and efficient.
  • Straight from your (office) location to directly in front of the airport’s departure hall.
  • Schiphol Business Taxi exclusively halts and parks at the Schiphol terminal building.
  • Enabling you to leave Schiphol without having to go outside.
  • Free coffee or tea when travelling from Schiphol.
  • 24/7 reservation possibilities, up to 4 hours before you leave.
  • We cover the whole of the Netherlands (Frisian islands excepted)
  • Luxurious (party of up to 8 people) mini vans with privacy glass available and free WiFI.
  • Possibility of a 100% electric E-taxi to and from Schiphol.
  • Easy and safe payment via IDeal or credit card.

Schiphol Business Taxi

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Every Schiphol Business Taxi vehicle, as well as the 100% electric ‘green’ alternative, is a comfortable and luxurious vehicle with a professional and experienced driver. We pick you up at every location desired and bring you all the way to Schiphol airport’s departure hall, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.